We care about the village and the protection of the flora and fauna. With our services we support the village and the protection of the National Park Tortuguero and we work exclusively with local guides with official licenses of the ICT and living in the village so that this little paradise will be existing for a long time.

our commitment

Alejandro, living in Tortuguero more than 15 years and working for more than 8 years as a local guide on site. Besides essential knowledge of the village and the flora and fauna he has the official guide licenses as local guide, general guide and naturalist guide recognized by the ICT (Official Tourism board of Costa Rica).

Marina left her home country Germany for a life in Tortuguero. She has several years of work experience in the tourism industry and firsthand knowledge of the challenges and worries that implicate travelling. Before coming to Tortuguero, she worked more than 7 years in Spain and travelled several times as a backpacker.


We, Marina & Alejandro, started in 2014 the project Tortuguero EcoExperiences combining Pura Vida and German Organization – always with the main objective to offer unforgettable experiences and wonderful stays in Tortuguero. For us you are not only clients, we love to exchange experiences and stories, enjoy nice company and show you our little paradise.

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