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Some facts and figures that are good to know before travelling to Tortuguero:

  • Tortuguero is not accesible by car, only by boat or plane. The closest point you can get to by car is La Pavona or you can take a boat from Moin or a plane from San José.

  •  Due to strong currents the sea of Tortuguero is not safe for swimming. There will be a lot of local people warning you once you have arrived in Tortuguero, but we would like to insist. Listen to their warnings! Every year people die in the sea because they underestimated the suction of the sea.

  • There is no bank nor cash machine in Tortuguero and some services offered cannot be paid by credit card. So make sure to bring cash in order to avoid inconveniences during your stay.

  • In the buses or at the parking at La Pavona there are lately many guides/tour operators trying to sell tours to the travelers before they have the chance to compare in the village. Beside us there are many other and many times better options in town, so in case you did not reserve activities in advance do not let them push you to buy anything on the way - you have time to compare - there is no official tourist office nor have you to be afraid that there are no spaces left….